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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Leads alone do not grow a business – your clients and customers do! How do you turn a prospect into a loyal, paying customer?


Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation lets you send tailored emails, content and offers to leads based on their individual behaviors and needs. Targeted automated marketing as part of your overall content strategy helps make your workload lighter, more efficient and more profitable.

You can use marketing automation to:

  • Nurture quality leads through the buying cycle
  • Alert sales staff about lead activity
  • Focus on best opportunities through segmentation and lead scoring
  • Be more relevant to individual customers
  • Get more email subscribers

Other important features include campaign management, CRM integration, social marketing, and marketing analytics.

Challenges of Marketing Automation

It would be nice if marketing automation technology allowed you to sit back and watch the results roll in. For now, though, it requires a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly integrates the right processes, resources, people, content, data and more.

The biggest challenge your company probably faces is in finding the internal resources you need to take advantage of all automated marketing offers. Finding trained professionals who can both operate the software and manage leads, all while developing an effective digital strategy isn’t easy.

The GRI Marketing Automation Solution

Everything we do at Greenroom Interactive reflects a fresh and innovative approach to digital marketing. We know how to creatively use marketing automation to deliver the results your business needs. We show you how investment in your people, content, and overall digital process can move leads down the funnel and pre-qualify them for sales.

Want to move more sales opportunities to your leads? Our marketing automation process is geared towards driving highly individualized results for our clients. We not only set your business up for automated tasks, we make sure you’re using all the capabilities your software offers.

Marketing automation can dramatically help your company improve its results from lead generation and sales nurturing efforts. Let Greenroom Interactive show you how automated solutions can improve your lead nurturing, prospecting, lead generation and conversion rates.