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Content Marketing Strategy

Content is fundamental to the success of your online marketing.

Content marketing is not simply limited to putting your product details up on website and putting your name on social networks. Instead, in a time when people are overwhelmed with ads, media, and lots of information, it is vital to put out fresh and useful content. And that is essentially what content marketing strategy is about: 1) the content (or information) you produce, and 2) how you share it.

What is Content?

Content is your fundamental platform, and if you don’t get it right, there is no point in working on all the rest. Here are a few basics Greenroom Interactive believes in. We can help you get content that:

  • Gives informative details about you or your product
  • Is relevant subject matter attached to your field
  • Creative & fresh
  • NOTHING like an infomercial
  • Regularly updated
  • Created in the variety of forms that are relevant to your audience (blogs, e-zines, trade sites, white papers, webinars, etc.)

Sharing Your Content

Once we’ve helped you get content that you can feel proud of, then we can think with you about out how to spread the word.

Now, before you even consider your content marketing strategy, you must, MUST always start with understanding who your target audience is. Content marketing is all about people, and they don’t all network in the same circles. Larger or older companies will statistically be much more likely to rely on online magazines, trade sites, white papers and the like to network. Whereas younger and/or smaller companies tend to gravitate towards blogging, using Twitter, Facebook, and using newer content distributors like Stumble Upon. So at Greenroom Interactive, we want to help you get a feel for what ‘online circles’ others in your field are in, and how you can broaden your audience base.

Once you’ve done this, you can market yourself effectively. Here are a few areas where we can strategize with you on how to share your content:

  • SEO optimization: create content that search engines like Google can easily pick up on
  • Getting linking from relevant sites
  • Becoming user-friendly: a clean page with easy icons to follow you on Twitter or to sign-up for your e-newsletter, can greatly increase traffic to your page.
  • Getting connected: if you’re not on the professional trade site you need to be on, or if you’re not guest blogging and networking when you should be….we’ll help you get there!