Take Your Software Marketing Beyond the Free Trial

Reach Your Market and Build Relationships

You’ve hit on a truly unique software idea. You’ve got the code in place. You’ve got rave reviews from beta testers. Now what?

With traditional software marketing solutions, your options are pretty limited and scattered: shoot for getting profiled on an authority website, promote your free trial offer everywhere you can, and then wait and see what happens.

Wouldn’t it be better to create a trail of information and resources that bring warm prospects right to your digital door? Doesn’t it make more sense to use a software marketing approach that lays a foundation for happy customers even before they try out your solution?

With an inbound marketing partner, you can do just that. Inbound marketing for software companies can help you:

  • Increase qualified leads with content, social and SEO to boost your impact and market presence.
  • Lock down the flow of your website to lead visitors toward a free trial or purchase of your software.
  • Track results to refine your approach and help you locate opportunities for upgrades and new software solutions.

At Greenroom Interactive, we’ve got the industry experience to help you ramp up your software marketing results. By developing customer-centered content, improving your website’s optimization and making use of social media management, we’ll create a comprehensive marketing campaign that gets get results.

Lead Generation – More free trial users leads to more buyers. With our lead generation services, your pool of interested prospects will grow by leaps and bounds.

Content Marketing – Don’t let your trial do all the talking! With branded content before the sale, your target market will learn exactly how your software solves their biggest problems.

Website Optimization – Highlight your software’s best features and create a targeted path toward the purchase with our website optimization services.

Social Media Marketing – Get the social media buzz that matters with targeted updates, profile management and actionable analytics.

With Greenroom Interactive you can go far beyond the “wait and see” approach that far too many software companies are taking. Get out there and make an impact! Contact us today for a free consultation and see what a difference inbound marketing can make.