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Level the Playing Field with High Quality Content Marketing

As a decision maker at your software or marketing company, you recognize that website marketing is an important piece of your business development. But what about content?

Although content is an essential key to website traffic and building a community of satisfied customers, it’s something that is overwhelming to many software and technology providers.

What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing” refers to the process of connecting with your customers by offering them useful information on your website and on other venues scattered across the internet.

When your content marketing strategy contains information-rich articles, videos, tutorials, e-books or webinars, you can educate potential customers about your business, help them see the value of your solutions and build trust. While most of your content will be on your own website, you’ll also want to publish on other sites – like YouTube and Facebook to get free exposure to a larger audience and build valuable backlinks.

Your ultimate objective is to increase sales and profits – but content also serves another purpose. When you educate your prospects and offer solutions to their problems, they’ll remember your company when it’s time to buy.

Target+Value+Traffic = Content Marketing Success

Creation and publication aren’t the only keys to content. You’ve got to have a targeted and trackable approach. Content marketing success comes down to three important keys:

  • Target – Your content has to be aimed at your target market. Your solution isn’t for everyone – so stop speaking to everyone on your website and in your online marketing materials.
  • Value – You’ve got to offer valuable, quality content that engages your target audience. Your buyers are savvy people. If you give them the same old, same old, they’ll seek out a different solution.
  • Traffic – With the strategic use of keywords and offsite content distribution, your content can become a traffic magnet for your site.

Compared to the cost of traditional print, television or paid online advertising, content marketing is inexpensive and will give you greater value for your money. Content marketing levels the playing field, letting technology or software companies just like yours compete profitably in a global marketplace.

But the demands of running your business might prevent you from creating the kind of targeted, high quality content that gets results. Fortunately, by partnering with Greenroom Interactive, you can get all of the benefits of a in house content creation team without the overhead costs. As a full service marketing agency, we can help refine your strategy, create the content and provide the social media support that you need to make the most of content.

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